5 Signs Your Parking Lot Should Be Restriped

Jul 21, 2021   |   striper1800

Staying on top of parking lot maintenance can be quite the job. Between sealing, patchwork, and reapplying a fresh coat of paint, there can be a lot to keep track of! 

Thankfully your parking lot will give you some tell-tale signs that it requires some attention – especially when it comes to parking lot striping. 

In this post, we’ll give you the top 5 signs your parking lot should be restriped so you can keep your lot looking fresh and safe for the community year after year.

1. Your Lines are Faded or Worn Out

The most obvious sign it’s time to restripe your parking lot is the fact that your lines are faded or worn out. Lines inevitably fade over time for several reasons – including changes in the weather, vehicle traffic, foot traffic, and more. Not only do faded lines impact the look of your business, but they can cause safety issues as people enter and exit your parking lot.

2. It’s Been Over a Year

Paint isn’t permanent as you’ve probably gathered. On average, traffic paint can last 2-3 years on the surface of a parking lot. Still, this is cutting it close. At 1-800-STRIPER, we believe best practice parking lot maintenance is to restripe every year! 

This may seem like a lot, but the curb appeal and safety it brings to your community are well worth it. Hiring a company that specializes in parking lot striping like us is ideal so you can quickly get your lot rescheduled every year.

Pro tip: Having a build up of paint is a good thing and can make the restripe process easier and more accurate, which in turn saves you money!

3. You’re Getting Complaints From the Community 

It seems like people don’t appreciate a well-maintained lot until they enter one that, well, isn’t! Chances are you’ll start hearing from the public when it’s not up to par. 

You might start getting calls about there not being enough handicapped accessible spaces, or maybe people aren’t stopping for pedestrians due to faded stop bars. Whatever the case may be, freshening up the paint on your lot will help you better communicate with those coming in and out of your lot and prevent you from being liable for accidents that may occur. 

4. Parking Spaces Aren’t Being Used Efficiently 

Are you noticing that vehicles are parked sideways and using up more than one space? This could be because your lines are barely noticeable and no longer serve as a guideline to your customers. This further shows the importance of restriping your lot every year instead of waiting until the lines are practically gone.

5. ADA Compliance 

Having a well-maintained lot isn’t just about curb appeal, but it’s also about being mindful of the community and their needs. Having enough handicap accessible spots available is not only the law in many states, but it shows your willingness to accommodate all walks of life. You can further personalize your lot by adding parking for expecting mothers, veterans or just a personalized pick-up area for convenience. 

6. Say Goodbye to Faded Lines! 

We hope this article has been helpful as you determine whether or not your lot is in need of a touch-up. Saying goodbye to the issues we mentioned above is as simple as calling us at 1-800-STRIPER! We offer new layouts, restriping, and plenty of customization options so your lot can be the talk of the town. 

Want to own your parking lot striping company? Then look into our franchise opportunities by visiting or call 1-800-323-4700.

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