Our trained team of professionals and our state-of-the-art equipment puts down sharp, crisp lines every time. From waterborne to oil based, from quick dry to cold weather products, we have the traffic marking paint for every occasion. Our knowledge and expertise will get the job done right the first time.

Pavement markings are universal lines and symbols painted on the ground to convey messages to people in transit. They indicate which part of the road or parking lot to use and tell customers where parking is permitted. All commercial buildings need parking lot striping to ensure the safety and protection of people and cars.

Yes! Your parking lot is one of the first things your customers will notice when entering your facility. A newly striped parking lot will create a safe environment for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Your freshly painted lines will enhance your curb appeal and let your customers and employees know that you care about your property.

Absolutely! We start by covering up or grinding off your existing markings and then we layout & paint fresh lines to fit the new concept.

Great question! According to the New York State regulations, there should be one handicap space for every twenty-five parking spots. This number decreases as your parking lot size increases. Feel free to contact us for information regarding your specific layout.

You should restripe your parking lot annually to maintain a vibrant color and ensure visibility. UV rays, traffic, and other weather-related elements can impact marking paint. We focus in on your specific needs and protect your liability.

Scheduling your next project is easy! Click HERE to request an estimate, call us at 585-663-6609 or email us at Office@1800STRIPER.com to get on our schedule. Our crews are ready to assist you day or night!

Weather conditions can come into play occasionally. We will not paint the pavement unless it is dry.  Our team monitors the forecast very closely and leaves room in our schedule for rain days.

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