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When you want a parking lot or surface space that pops, 1-800-STRIPER Rochester is your number-one source for commercial and industrial striping services! We’ve spent decades perfecting our custom approach, bringing a fresh look to all types of businesses and organizations. The 1-800-STRIPER ground game has covered hundreds of areas in the greater Rochester region. This includes interior warehouse floor markings, directional prompts in parking lots, vibrant sports courts, playground markings and so much more. At the ready with state-of-the-art equipment, our professional crew works around YOUR schedule to deliver superior results that last. As your local striping expert, 1-800-STRIPER of Rochester is ready to tackle your next project!

Luke and Heather

Luke and Heather Menear

Luke and Heather Menear began their journey in the striping industry more than 23 years ago. In the summer of 1999, Luke, who was 19 years old at the time, began working for a pavement maintenance company. He quickly realized an enormous opportunity within the industry and within a few short weeks, he purchased the company’s striping equipment and hit the pavement to promote his own striping services!

Ambitious and driven, Luke set out to learn as much as possible through trade shows and others with experience in the industry. He took every opportunity that crossed his path, developing processes and techniques that allowed him to expand the business into multiple crews. Continuing to streamline his staff, tools, and equipment, Luke increased the company’s efficiency, permitting 1-800-STRIPER® to provide exceptional service at multiple job sites.

Since then, the business has been booming! Using the model they’ve developed over more than two decades, Luke and Heather set out to bring excellent striping service to the entire U.S. through franchising opportunities. This system allows them to offer others a successful route into the striping industry and to help develop a new generation of stripers across the country.

Luke and Heather continue to adapt their business to provide customers with excellent service and outstanding results. They, and the whole 1-800-STRIPER® crew, look forward to meeting all your striping needs!



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